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Odobez Injection Plastique

About us

ODOBEZ Injection Plastique, is a French SME close to the Swiss border which has been offering a large range of containers and accessories for painting, building, gardening  and agriculture for 90 years. 


In 1928, the ODOBEZ family set up the company and expanded its business successfully throughout the world.  

In 2011, the family sold it to François-Joseph PERRIER and his wife. Valérie GERVAIS joined them in 2012 as a General Manager. 

Their successful experience in Logistics ans Road transport enables them to implement a new policy based on three core values: customer focus, responsiveness and process management shared by all employees. 

ODOBEZ SA exports 40% of its turnover, thanks to its competitiveness mainly due to the use of recycled plastics.

Thanks to its know-how, ODOBEZ can take care of every step of your project from product design via prototypes, mould design and manufacturing to product manufacturing at a competitive rate.


Product manufacturing accounts for 70% of Odobez SA’s operating revenue. 

Subcontracting accounts for the remaining 30%. We supply plastic parts to European customers in the agriculture, stationnery and cleaning tool industry. 


Key figures

  • 5,000m² Grinding - Injection - Storage and Maintenance space

  • 11 injection moulding machines from 120 to 650 tons which enables us to manufacture parts from few grams up to 3 KG. 

  • Workforce: 24 highly-skilled employees: from technical spec writing to product shipping.e la réalisation d'un cahier des charges à l'expédition des pièces.

  • 1,300 tons of plastic are injected including 80% are recycled materials. 

Our Markets

We focus on key segments being Paint, Building, Agriculture, Snow tools and Cleaning and Stationnery


Painting Tools

Our comprehensive line of painting tools is designed for professional craftsmen and Diyers keen on improving their home: buckets, trays, grids, paint accessories, roller assembly systems... 

Builder's Tools

Find out about our portoflio of durable mixing tubs, round buckets, shovels and accessories designed for heavy duty jobs. They are made of resistant plastic materials or synthetic rubber (Odogom). 



Buckets and Shovels

Our products are designed for farmers who look for durable and strong tools: 

  • Round buckets

  • grain shovels


Our products can be used for animal feeding, harvesting... 

Snow Tools

Snow Clearing Tools

We have a wide selection of snow tools to face winter. Clear away the snow easily from your yards, stairs, entrance and cars... 



Find out about our products to keep your homes, premises and offices clean

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