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Odobez Injection Plastique


Shop our accessories to apply paint and wallpaper easily. Made of recycled or prime plastics, our paint applicators are available in various colours.  

Small Paint Stirrer

Small plastic paint stirrer

Get a consistent paint with the small paint stirrer. 


Fix it on the bucket with its hook. 


Dimensions: 325x50x8 mm

Ref: 7MAP0

Large Paint Stirrer

Large paint stirrer
Plastic paint stirrer

This large paint stirrer enables us to mix paint, glue or other liquids easily and quickly.


Fix it on paint bucket thanks to its holder. 

Dimensions: 385x50x8 mm

Ref: 7MAP100x

Brush Holder

This brush holder suits any kind of paint buckets and can be fixed to a belt.


It fits brushes or rollers up to 80mm wide.


Dimensions: 177x70x95 mm

Ref: 7BPP 

Stiff Wallpaper Smoother

Wallpaper smoother

Use wallpaper smoother to remove bubbles while wallpapering and get smooth finish and straight edges.


Easy to use with its hand grip.


Made of ABS. 

Dimensions: 450x147x10 mm

Ref: 7CAM1004

Flexible Wallpaper Smoother

Decorating tools : flexible wallpaper smoother

Use the smoother while applying delicate wallpaper and adhesive for getting a great result. 

Dimensions: 450x147x10 mm

Ref: 7CAM1003

Wallpaper Smoother

Wallpaper smoother

Professional will use this tool to smooth out bubbles and crease while hanging wallpaper.


It features a handle for a secure grip. 

Dimensions: 450x147x10 mm

Ref: 7CAM1007


Clips to hang the roller on paint bucket. 

Dimensions: 325x50x8 mm

Ref: 7CLI000

Paint Guard

Save masking tape and get straight and clean corners while painting with the paint guard.

Dimensions: 450x147x10 mm

Ref: 7RPP

Protective Mushroom Caps

Use these protective mushroom caps on rebar ends Diam 8 and 20mm to prevent injuries and impalements.  

Dimensions: 385x50x8 mm

Ref: 9EPC

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