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Odobez Injection Plastique

Paint Buckets

Find out about our large range of paint buckets, an essential tool for Diyers and professional painters to apply paints, varnishes, resins, glues, gelcoats... Made in France, our high-quality paint scuttles are designed with a measuring scale and a built-in roller grid to optimise paint use. They are available in 9 standard colors, with metal or plastic handle. They come in various sizes (from 7 to 25L) to meet any needs and suit paint rollers (from 180mm to 470mm). In addition, we can customized our paint bucket upon request with screen printing, IML, Gencod labels or specific colors..... 

7 Litre - Paint Buckets

Our range of 7L paint buckets is ideal for Diyers. They are suitable for 180mm rollers. You can choose among various colors, finishings.

10 Litre - Paint Bucket

10L paint buckets are designed for 230 mm rollers. Browse our range to find out the design you need.

14 Litre - Paint Buckets

14L paint roller buckets are designed for rollers up to 250mm wide. Many colors and finishings are available. 

17 Litre - Paint Buckets

17L paint bucket can be used with rollers up to 350 mm and are compatible with the clear lid 2COU0001 (sold separately)

25 Litre - Paint Buckets

This large 25L bucket is ideal for big paint jobs, floor coating... They can be used with 470mm rollers. 

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