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Odobez Injection Plastique

In Mould Labelling

To meet the increasing demand for durable marketing support, Odobez Injection Plastique introduced the IML technolgy in 2016. 

Conventional adhesives are expensive, hard to apply and can be damaged over the time (peeling, scratches, wrinkles...). If they are still interesting for small series, IML technology suits well new mass produced items (at least 50,000 parts per year). 

What is IML ?

A robot placed a preprinted thin plastic label in the mould. Plastic material is is injected and fused with the label. As the label is integrated into the product, it can not be removed.  

Two of our injection machines (320 & 450 Tons clamping force) are equipped with specific IML robot. 

IML offers another advantage, it is environmentally-friendly. As the IML label is made of polymer, it can be recycled with the item and be reinjected easily to make a new one.

Your bucket with the Odobez Injection Plastique IML will meet increasing customers’ demands for sustainable and environmental-friendly products.

Etiquette IML
Injection Moulding Machine with an IML Robot
Plastic Paint Scuttle with IML
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