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Odobez Injection Plastique

14 Litre

Paint Buckets

These durable buckets made of recycled plastic material hold 14L of paint or varnish. They fit any kind of paint rollers up to 250mm wide. They feature a measuring scale and a built-in roller grid. Several colors  and customised options are available. 

GMO - Metal Handle

14L paint bucket with metal handle


This bucket made of recycled plastics comes with a stainless steel handle. Engrave your brandname on it. ​


Dimensions: 355x290x225 mm


GMO - Plastic Handle

14L paint scuttle featuring an ergonomic handle


This paint bucket is easy to move thanks to its ergonomic plastic handle. Customise it with your engraved brand.


Dimensions: 355x290x225 mm


GMOI - IML Compatible

Metal Handle

This paint bucket has many advantages:

  • an area compatible with a 155*155 mm IML label which is permanent and entirely customisable. 

  • a brush holder

  • a higher stability with its 4 feet.

Dimensions: 365x280x220 mm


Paint bucket for 250 rollers and decorated with IML

GMOIBV - Pouring Spout

IML Compatible - Metal Handle


The GMOIBV paint bucket features: 

  • a pouring spout to remove easily the excess paint

  • an area compatible with 155*155 mm IML label

  • a brush holder

  • 4 feets to get a higher stability 


Dimensions: 365x280x220 mm


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