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Odobez Injection Plastique

According to the models, 10L paint buckets can be used with rollers up to 230 or 250mm wide. To make your paint jobs easier, all the buckets feature a measuring scale and a built-in roll-off area to distribute paint evenly on the roller. Choose the most appropriate bucket according to your needs: pour spouts, tool compartment, ladder or step ladder brackets. These paint buckets come in various colors and all can be customised (GENCOD label, screen printing, IML, colors...)

10 Litre

Paint Buckets

MMO - Metal Handle

10L paint bucket with stainless steel handle

This reinforced bucket can be used with paint rollers up to 230 mm wide


Dimensions: 320x200x215mm


GMOS -  Pour Spouts - Metal Handle

Paint bucket with 2 pour spout for 250mm rollers


Remove easily excess paint without spillage thanks to the 2 pour spouts of the GMOS bucket It is suitable for use with 250mm covers. Customise the bucket with:

  • A 155*155 mm IML label

  • your engraved brandname


Dimensions: 330x215x205 mm

Ref: 1GMOS

GMOC - Tool Compartment

Metal Handle

Paint scuttle with tool compartment and stainless steel handle

This paint bucket has a 50mm wide compartment to fit painting tools and brushes.

The GMOC paint bucket is designed to be used with 

250 mm rollers. It works with the Lid 2COU0001 to protect paint from debris.


Dimensions: 440x280x225 mm


GMOCA - Tool Compartment

Ladder Bracket - Metal Handle

Plastic paint bucket with tool compartment and ladder bracket



This paint bucket features a 50mm tool compartment and a ladder bracket to hook the scuttle to ladder rungs. It works with 250mm paint rollers


Dimensions: 440x340x225 mm

Ref  1GMOCA 


Lid for 10L plastic bucket

This clear lid suits the GMOC paint bucket and protect paint from debris. Stack your buckets safely, keep your paint fresh during short breaks and create paint sets. The lid is not airtight. 

Ref : 2COU0001

GMOC - Tool Compartment 

Plastic Handle

Paint bucket featuring a tool compartment and plastic handle


This paint bucket has a 50mm tool compartment.

It fits 250mm rollers. 

It works with the Lid 2COU0001.


Dimensions: 440x280x225 mm


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