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Odobez Injection Plastique

Round Buckets

Find the right buckets which meets your need among our various models : mason bucket, tiler bucket, cleaning bucket, picking bucket and calf feeding. 

Our buckets are made of various materials depending on customers' specifications:

  • recycled tough and durable plastics

  • Odogom (synthetic rubber) which makes them lightweight and resistant to impact and corrosion

  • Plastics which complies with European standards for food compatiblity

Our range includes buckets which a holding capacity of 11L to 40L, available in various colors and which can be customised on request. 

11 Litre Builder's Bucket

Seau Rond 11L

Builders bucket with stainless steel handle Ø 4.6mm and a stamped graduation


Dimensions: Ø 325x (h)270 mm

Ref: 4SMP0001

11 Litre Odogom Builder's Buckets

Heavy duty bucket injected with Odogom (synthetic rubber).

It features an integrated scale and a stainless steel handle Ø 4.6mm


Dimensions: Ø 325x (h)270 mm

Ref: 4SMC0001

11 Litre Good Value Bucket

Builders buckets for Diyers which features a 3.4mm stainless steel handle. 

Dimensions: Ø 325x (h)270 mm

Ref: 4SMP0003

11 Litre Marine Bucket with

a Loop Handle

A plastic bucket which features a stainless steel handle with a loop to get a rope through and an embossed scale. An essential tool to have on board. 


Dimensions : Ø 325x (h)270 mm

Ref: 4SMM0001

11 Litre Cleaning Plastic Bucket

It features a stainless steel 4.6mm handle and an embossed scale. Made of solvent resistant plastic. 


Available in various colors


Dimensions : Ø 325x (h)270 mm

Ref : 4SMP0008

11L - Cleaning Plastic Bucket with Pouring Spout

Use this  bucket to clean any areas. For easier use, it features a pouring spout and an integrated scale.


Dimensions: Ø 325x (h)270 mm

Ref: 4SMP0009

15 Litre Tiler Bucket with grip

A 15L bucket with an ergonomic grip for easy lifting and carrying. It is ideal for carrying loads, mixing cement, plaster. 

It features a stainless steel handle Ø 4.6mm and an integrated scale.

Dimensions: Ø400x (h)240 mm

Ref: 4SRO1001

Flexible Multipurpose Tub -

14 Litres

Seau souple multiusages 14L

Flexible tub with a holding capacity of 14L which is ideal for:

  • doing home improvements

  • gardening

  • tidying

  • carrying heavy loads

Dimensions: Ø 340x (h)240 mm

Ref: 4SSO0001

Flexible Multipurpose Tub -

27 Litres

A flexible, strong and durable 27L tub that can be used for almost everything. 


Dimensions: Ø385x (h)300 mm

Ref: 4SSO0002

Flexible Multipurpose Tub -

40 Litres

A flexible light and sturdy 40L tub for many uses.

Dimensions: Ø450x (h)330 mm

Ref: 4SSO0003

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