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Odobez Injection Plastique


We design and manufacture new products and the tools required to make them.


With many years of experience, Odobez Injection Plastique takes care of every step of our customers' projects from part design to final product delivery in France, Europe and worldwide. We offer part design, 


We can take care of every step of your projects by working closely with our customers' teams from technical specification writing. From the design stage, we take into account technical, cost, quality and time constraint to develop a product which meets our customers requirements and market needs.

When part design has progressed, we make a prototype to validate or change some product features. 

At the same time, we undertake mould design and manufacturing. 


Every year, we process 1.300 tons of plastic materials among which 80% are recycled material. We inject:

  • prime raw material: PP, ABS, PE, HDPE or elastomer...

  • recycled materials which is processed in our grinding unit. Recycled material comes from our scrap or the one we buy from plastic manufacturers.

11 injection moulding machines from 120 to 650 tons to produce parts from few grams to 3KG.

Highly-skilled operators working in 3x8 shifts make them run 5 days a week. 


In addition to manufacturing, we offer to customise our products with :

  • Screen printing

  • In mould labelling

  • Gencod labels

  • Specific packaging

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