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Odobez Injection Plastique

Builders Troughs

Mix cement, mortar, concrete, with our square mixing tubs which withstand any heavy-duty jobs. We offer a large range from 3 to 35L tubs made of recycled raw material:

  • black polypropylene  

  • dark grey Odogom. Odogom is synthetic rubber which advantages are: lightness, resistance and flexibility. As the troughs are flexible, just a twist is necessary to remove dry residue.

3 Litre Stiff Plastic Tub

3L plastic tub

The 3L tub is ideal for small repair jobs.

Dimensions: 330x215x70 mm

Ref: 5AUP0002 

10 Litre Stiff Plastic Tub

10L mixing tub

10L tub to mix cement, plaster


Dimensions: 450x330x95 mm

Ref: 5AUP0001

13 Litre Stiff Plastic Tub

13L plastic trough

This deep 13L trough is perfect for holding liquids. 


Dimensions: 480x315x155 mm

Ref: 5AUP0003

25 Litre Stiff Plastic Tub

25L plastic mixing tub with ergonomic handles

Durable tub which is convenient to move around with its integrated handles. 


Dimensions: 630x425x155 mm

Ref: 5AUP0006

35 Litre Stiff Plastic Tub

Resistant 35L mixing tub with ergonomic handles

Large square trough with integrated handles to make it easier to carry.


Dimensions: 740x500x180 mm

Ref: 5AUP0007

3 Litre Odogom Tub

3L Odogom mixing tub

The 3L mixing tub is ideal for small jobs.


Clean easily dry residues by twisting the flexible Odogom tub. 

Dimensions : 330x215x70 mm

Ref: 5AUC0002

10 Litre Odogom Tub

10L builder's trough

Save cleaning time thanks to the soft 10L Odogom trough

Dimensions : 450x330x95 mm

Ref: 5AUC0001

13 Litre Odogom Tub

13L mixing trough with cement


13L resistant Odogom trough.  


Dimensions : 480x315x155 mm

Ref: 5AUC003

25 Litre Odogom Tub

25L concrete mixing tub with ergonomic handles

25L synthetic rubber trough with integrated handles.


Resistant to shocks, abrasion and temperature variations.  


Dimensions: 630x425x155 mm

Ref: 5AUC0006

35 Litre Odogom Tub

Heavy-duty mixing tub - 35L with ergonomic handle

A 35L mixing trough easy to handle with its ergonomic grips.


Shock and abrasion resistant. 


Dimensions: 740x500x180 mm

Ref: 5AUC0007

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