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Odobez Injection Plastique

Paint Trays

Our large range of paint trays meets Diyers and professional painters needs. All our references are designed with a built-in roll-off area to distribute paint evenly on your roller and achieve a great painting job. Paint trays are available in various colors and can be customised with a label or engraved.

Extra Small Paint Tray - PM2 

Paint tray for 110mm roller

The PM2 trays has a 0.3L paint capacity which is ideal for small painting jobs such as (doors, furniture, small areas...). It fits mini paint rollers up to 110 mm. 

This mini paint tray features :

  • a long built-in roller grid

  • 2 pouring spouts to remove efficiently unused paint

  • a paint compartment design which fits perfectly the roller shape.

Customise it with the engraving of your brandname.​


Dimensions: 160x320x55 mm

Ref: 3PM2

Set of Liners for PM2 Paint Tray

Save clean-up and color change times with the liners made of recycled PET which perfectly fit the PM2 tray.

They come in set of 3 pieces.

We can insert a customised label between the liners.


Small Paint Tray- PM

Plastic paint tray

The PM paint tray holds 0.5L paint and works with 170 mm frames. 

Dimensions: 280x220x55 mm

Ref: 3PM

Standard Paint Tray - MMBV

Paint tray for 180mm roller with a pouring spout


Use the MMBV paint tray with

180mm rollers. It holds 0.75L paint.

Save unused paint thanks to: 

  • a pour spout 

  • a paint compartment design which fits perfectly the roller shape. 


Engrave your brandname on this roller tray.​


Dimensions: 240x320x60 mm

Ref: 3MMBV

Set of Liners for MMBV Paint Tray

Save time when you need to change color or clean your tray with a disposable liner.


They are sold in set of 3.


They perfectly suit the MMBV paint tray. 


Medium Paint Tray - MM2

Painter's tool - Plastic tray for 250mm rollers

The MM2 paint tray with paint capacity of 1L is designed to be used with rollers up to 250 mm wide. 


It features :

  • a built-in roller grid

  • a pouring spout 


Engrave your brand on the tray.​


Dimensions: 280x220x55 mm

Ref: 3MM2

Set of Liners for MM2 Paint Tray


Save time when you need to change color or clean your tray with a disposable liner.


They are sold in set of 3.


They perfectly suit the Medium MM2 paint tray. 


Large Paint Tray - GMLBV

Large paint tray for 290mm rollers

This large paint tray can hold up to 3 Litres of paint.

It fits 290 mm rollers.

It integrates:

  • a pouring spout to remove the excess paint

  • a built-in roller grid


Your brand engraved on the roller tray.​


Dimensions: 330x510x105 mm


Jumbo Paint Tray - GML2

Jumbo paint tray for 440mm roller

The jumbo GML2 paint tray has a 4L paint capacity. It is mainly designed for professional painters. Its features:

  • a pouring spout

  • a wide roll-off area to distribute paint evenly on 440mm rollers.

Dimensions: 500x120x55 mm

Ref: 3GML2

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