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Odobez Injection Plastique

7 Litre Paint Bucket

This range of paint bucket is designed for DIY home owners to decorate their interior or trade painters. Our paint buckets are plastic solvent resistant and can be used with any kind of paints (acrylic, glyptal...), varnishes. They are suitable for use with brushes and paint rollers up to 180mm. All our paint buckets include a measuring scale and a built-in roller grid to save paint. They come in various colors and can be customised (GENCOD labels, screen printing, IML...). You can complete your equipment with our suitable paint grids and accessories

PMO - Metal Handle

7L Paint bucket with stainless steel handle

The handle is made of stainless steel. Your brandname can be engraved on the bucket.


Dimensions: 290x200x190 mm


PMO - Plastic Handle

7L Paint bucket with ergonomic plastic handle

The ergonomic plastic handle makes easy to move the bucket without spillage. Engrave your brandnane on the bucket.  


Dimensions : 290x200x190 mm


PMOBV - Pour Spout - Plastic Handle

Paint scuttle with a pouring spout

Remove efficiently the unused paint with the pour spout of the PMOBV bucket. Its plastic handle is ergonomic. 


Dimensions: 290x215x200 mm


PMOBV - Pour Spout Metal Handle

Paint bucket with a pouring spout and stainless steel handle

Save paint thanks to the pour spout of the PMOBV bucket after your paint job is over. The metal handle is made of stainless steel. 


Dimensions: 290x215x200 mm


PMOI - IML - Metal Handle

Plastic paint bucket with IML



The design offers many advantages to this bucket :​

  • Higher stability with its feet 

  • Differentiated product with the opportunity of using a customisable and permanent 155*155 mm IML label. 


Dimensions: 290x200x190 mm



This clear lid is compatible with the 7L paint buckets :

  • PMO - Metal handle

  • PMO - Plastic handle

  • PMOI


The lid enables you to stack buckets safely and keep your paint fresh for short breaks and create paint sets.

It is permeable

Ref: 2COU0002

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